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Enjoy the enchantment of Love Thousand Islands Bridge

Enjoy the enchantment of Love Thousand Islands Bridge

Something relating to or concerning the love affair is a very interesting topic for debate and also listened. Therefore, it is not wrong if a place called the Bridge of Love can make the tourists feel curious and wondered, what the Bridge of Love ? Like any form and place ? Curious feeling that's what makes this place was visited many domestic tourists and tourists from abroad.

The beauty of the Bridge of Love ?

Bridge of Love is a bridge length of approximately 800 meters and is located in Thousand Islands, precisely at an island called Pulau Tidung at Thousand Island region. The island is composed of two pieces of land which is called Pulau Besar and Pulau Tidung Small Tidung. Love there came the bridge that connects the mainland Tidung Island. The island is home to quite a lot of people in a small village, but at the end of the bridge to the Island Small Tidung unoccupied because only just covered with mangrove trees more to Pulau Seribu.

Myth Bridge of Love ?

Because his name is phenomenal, Bridge of Love to be one of the most preferred tourist choices travelers. In addition, of course beautiful natural charm into the ground a few tourists and invites partner to enjoy leisure time together and through intensive and romantic. So if you intend to find a place with the couple for a honeymoon or just recreation, Bridge of Love Tidung Island, in the Thousand Islands region could be an option for you if you want to day trips to the island Tidung to Pulau Seribu.

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