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Info Tidung Island Tour Package

Info Tidung Island Tour Package
If you want a vacation to the island Tidung and want to try to feel a wide range of activities available on the island Tidung you should use the services of travel packages to Island Tidung interesting to you than you have to go it alone without a travel services guided by the fact it is a considerable risk great for you because of your activities might be chaotic and irregular because no one taking care of your travel activities during the holidays to the island Tidung, this time I will give a little information about Island Travel Package Info Pulau Tidung that you might need this info and useful to you.

Latest Tidung Island Travel Package ?

This time I will give you the info to the island Tidung package price, hopefully this info is useful for those who need the details and amenities so you do not have to worry anymore or ask again about Tidung Island Travel Package that you will find.
Facilities What you get is:

    Tickets Crossing Angke PP
    Ac 1 night lodging
    Eating 3 times perasmanan
    Streets to the Bridge of Love
    Snorkling Equipment
    Been to Ship Island snorkling + Other
    Underwater Camera
    Tour Guide

Pesons Package Price is:

    2 people = 650,000 to individual
    3-4 people = 450,000 to individual
    5-6 people = 380,000 perorangnya
    7-9 people = 330,000 perorangnya
    10 people = 310,000 perorangnya

For further information regarding the info you can visit the island Tidung our website in order to find out the wide range of tour packages and tour pricing options we provide, of course, at an economical price. any more info Paket Wisata Pulau Seribu

Reservation Tidung Island ?

If you want a reservation please contact us directly to number 085810335502 or pin BB: 296AC977 Or you can directly contact the service provider for memboking Thousand Island Travel and book tickets to Pulau Tidung travel package you need.

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